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40 Under 40 Social Media Kit

Please feel free to use these social posts to begin sharing this leadership recognition in your network. Get the Word Out! We will update the posts and our social schedule throughout the quarter. Don’t miss our ongoing celebration of your leadership.


Try these on Facebook and Twitter

  1. “I am proud to be a Class of 2022 BEQ Pride LGBTQ+ Leader Under 40! Read about me and other distinguished leaders from across North America”. https://businessequalitymagazine.com/202240U40
  2. “Celebrate with me! I am one of the Forty Under 40 LGBTQ+ Leaders for 2022. Learn more about this important recognition and BEQ Pride Magazine. #Inclusive #leadership #matters https://businessequalitymagazine.com/202240U40‎”
  3. “2022 is off to a great start. BEQ Pride Magazine announced the Forty LGBTQ+ Leaders Under 40 and I am on the list. #InclusiveLeadershipMatters https://businessequalitymagazine.com/202240U40
  4. “Check out what LGBTQ Leadership looks like these days. https://businessequalitymagazine.com/202240U40
  5. “Finally being celebrated for more than my good looks and winning personality…  https://businessequalitymagazine.com/202240U40
  6. “Someone has been checking out my #LeadershipSkills #NaturalLeader #BornToLead https://businessequalitymagazine.com/202240U40

Check out the Digital Winter Issue Now

  1. “Look, I’m being recognized by BEQ Pride Magazine as a leader under 40. Digital Winter Issues is Available Now. https://businessequalitymagazine.com/winter2021

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  1. “Look, I’m being recognized by BEQ Pride Magazine as a leader under 40. Visit  https://bit.ly/3JzDuZH to buy copies.”
  2. “Celebrate 40 Amazing LGBTQ Leaders Today! Get Your Copy Now https://bit.ly/3JzDuZH (buy print copies)”
  3. “Get the Leadership Issue of BEQ Pride Magazine and Support the LGBTQ+ Business Community. Get it here https://bit.ly/3JzDuZH (buy print copies)”


Sharing on Instagram

  1. Add the custom graphic we created from this special link https://bit.ly/3pKU2WT (social media kit) to our dropbox folder and share on your Instagram Feed or Story. Don’t forget to mention @BizPridePiper and our publisher @RobinRDillard

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We have created a post that links to your LinkedIn Profile. Follow Our Business Equality Network/ BEQ Pride LinkedIn Page here https://bit.ly/32KNFKp and look for your custom post at Noon ET 01/10/2022


40 Under 40 Nominators

  1. Last fall I nominated a 2022 BEQ Pride Forty Under 40 LGBTQ Leader! Read about [leader name] and other distinguished winners of this award.
  2. Join me in celebrating [leader name] as one of the 2022 BEQ Pride Forty Under 40 LGBTQ Leaders. https://businessequalitymagazine.com/40-leaders-under-40-class-of-2022/
  3. I’m filled with pride that I nominated [leader name] as a 2022 BEQ Pride Forty Under 40 LGBTQ Leader. Find out about this prestigious recognition. https://businessequalitymagazine.com/40-leaders-under-40-class-of-2022/
  4. View [leader name], one of the leaders I nominated for the 2022 BEQ Pride Forty Under 40. Order a print copy of the new issue that features all 40 LGTBQ+ leaders. https://businessequalitymagazine.com/40-leaders-under-40-class-of-2022/