Brian Horn

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Advancing Disability-Inclusion

Brian Horn

(He, Him) is 28

As a passionate young leader at Disability:IN (formerly USBLN), Brian Horn has fought to ensure disability-owned businesses receive the spotlight and opportunities they deserve across the public and private sectors. He works closely with NGLCC’s Jonathan Lovitz on crafting legislation to include disability-, LGBT- and veteran-owned companies in public supply chains nationwide, including the first-in-the-nation Executive Order in Massachusetts. He began his career working on congressional campaigns and in the office of Senator Chuck Schumer.

Brian serves on the board of directors for the Capital Pride Alliance and is a volunteer tax preparer with Community Tax Aid. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and American studies from Hobart College, where he serves as co-chair of his reunion committee. He is passionate about intersectionality and advocating for the LGBT and disability communities. Through his job he is able to advance disability-inclusion across corporate America.

Brian is passionate about intersectionality. Since disability can impact anyone at any time, the disability community happens to be incredibly diverse, and Brian believes it is very important for diverse communities to support one another. Brian is a proud ally in the disability community and is grateful for family, friends and colleagues who are allies in the LGBT community. Through his work at Disability: IN, Brian actively contributes to the creation of inclusive cultures and promotes the full inclusion of people with disabilities.

Brian loves to cook, and he is a total political junkie who loves to travel with his boyfriend and can often be found at a spin class. In 10 years Brian hopes to be leading a strong, mission-driven organization.