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BEQ Pride Leaders Under 40 Class of 2022

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40 LGBTQ Leaders Under 40 Class of 2022 

By BEQ Pride Awards Committee and the BEQ Pride Editorial team

On behalf of our BEQ Pride Editorial and the Awards Committee, we are proud to announce the fifth annual BEQ Pride 40 LGBTQ Leaders Under 40 list. The Class of 2022 reflects the best and brightest leaders from the US and Canada. 

During Fall 2021, we conducted a search to identify young LGBTQ leaders from across North America who are demonstrating exceptional leadership and major contributions in government, corporate, academia, non-profit or small business. 

The nominations included a short narrative from the nominator, and nominees were invited to respond and confirm their participation. Throughout November, finalists were notified and our awards committee and editorial team were tasked with selecting 40 out, proud leaders from our pool of eligible applicants. It was a difficult decision as all of the nominees are worthy of recognition. 

In this special section, we introduce you to the Class of 2022, 40 leaders who are thinking about tomorrow, who need our support and encouragement and, most importantly, who are representative of the young and representative of the beauty we find in the diversity of their genius. 

This leader cohort includes elected officials, published authors, photographers, stylists, playwrights, administrators, professors, lounge owners, artists, activists, business owners and more. Their amazing talent, innovation, passion and courage remain beacons during one of the darkest periods in history. When we look at this cohort, we see reasons to be hopeful about the future with so many brave and capable people taking the lead.

Each of our 70 finalists was asked to provide a response to this prompt:

“What do you believe is your responsibility to this moment in history?”

Some responses were clever, others were humorous, many were inspirational, others were introspective and serious. Their responses, a brief bio and pictures are available now. We will be scheduling follow-up interviews and sharing more about each leader throughout the year.

We are energized by and committed to the future of the LGBTQ business equality community. As you peruse the list and become acquainted with these leaders, we encourage you to think how you can support them. Can we facilitate a connection that provides access to resources? Let us know your thoughts! 

LGBTQ Leaders Under Forty

DISCLAIMER: Content included in these profiles is a compilation of publicly available information, nominee submissions and recommendations from the readers of BEQ Pride magazine and visitors to the website. Although every attempt was made to verify the information presented, BEQ Pride does not guarantee the accuracy or completion of every fact shared. All participants were notified and have agreed to be included in this publication. The BEQ Pride Awards Committee and the BEQ Pride Editorial team are solely responsible for the selection of finalists; our sponsors were not involved in the selection process. The Business Equality Network reserves the copyright to this list.

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