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Meet Jose Cabrera

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Jose Cabrera, Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Class of 2023 BEQ Pride LGBTQ Leader Under 40

Pronouns: He, Him

Age: 36


Who or what inspires your leadership purpose? And why?

I grew up in a single-parent household, and my mother always went above and beyond to ensure I had everything I needed to succeed, regardless of the impact that it put on her as a parent. She is what inspires my leadership purpose. As a leader of people, both directly and indirectly, I want to ensure that I can provide all available resources to them that are within my power and that they can do their best work without barriers to success.  ~Jose Cabrera

Jose never thought he would be working in a corporate setting. “I never saw myself identified within any of the senior leaders of a company,” he said. This out, proud, first-generation Cuban-American is unapologetic about dying his hair pink one day and facing executives in the boardroom the next. In Jose’s mind, this is the vision and example young queer and straight leaders need to see. “They must be reminded often to be their true authentic selves. My hope is the community continues to flourish and be fully visible in more places than ever before.” Representation matters. Having more seats at boardroom tables as members of Fortune-ranked 500 companies. Jose wants to get beyond quotas and performative gestures and take meaningful action toward sweeping changes that spur innovation.  Jose hopes the LGBTQ+ community is represented at the highest levels of organizations (CEOs and senior leaders) across all sectors of the economy. “I hope being your authentic self” is celebrated and “no employee ever needs to worry or fear retaliation or alienation.”

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