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Have a plan of your own and work the plan.

Daniels-Lewis created the LGBTQ Market at New York Life, after working in the Women’s Market for eight years. It was not only a business decision to create this opportunity for herself and the company but a personal decision to come out upon establishing the market. It is now one of eight approved Target Markets for the company to develop and recruit from and grow. Daniels-Lewis specializes in recruiting and developing market awareness for both the LGBTQ and the Women’s Market.

She lauds the inclusive environment at New York Life as one that encourages and supports community and family. Not only has it fostered success for her professionally, but she also met her wife through New York Life.  

“I have spoken on the power of knowing yourself, being yourself and living an authentic life,” she says. “I take a stand for leaders and forward thinkers to develop their unique gifts for the greater good. I do this through group and individual counseling/coaching sessions. I believe everything is possible with the right mindset and you must set the mind on high-frequency vibrations.”

Daniels-Lewis cites the giraffe as her favorite animal because “it has a huge heart and the head is above any distraction.”

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