Pam Lipp-Hendricks: Prioritizing diversity at JPMorgan Chase

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By Jessie Wagoner

A culture of inclusion and appreciation for diversity is a priority for JPMorgan Chase. Leading the way is Pam Lipp-Hendricks, head of Talent Management and Diversity.

Lipp-Hendricks, an 18-year employee of the firm, drives the firm’s agenda and a broad range of diversity efforts which impact the work environment.

Lipp-Hendricks brings a fresh perspective to her expanded role, combining a strategic approach to Talent Management and Diversity & Inclusion. Partnering with colleagues across both disciplines and lines of business, they are integrating the strategies and processes that help drive our diverse and inclusive culture.

“Talent management for JPMorgan Chase starts with succession planning —taking deliberate steps to have the right quality and quantity of diverse leaders in our pipeline,” Lipp-Hendricks said. “When your people come to work and bring their best and complete selves — because they feel that they belong and connect to the culture — they have an increased desire to collaborate, innovate and contribute to the firm’s strategy, and we get great results.”

The firm believes their employees are their greatest asset, which has led them to create many opportunities for employees to express and celebrate their diversity, especially for those in the LGBT+ community.

Last year, the LGBT Executive Council, led by managing directors who are ‘out’ and part of the LGBT+ community, was launched. This group of senior leaders works in partnership with the diversity team to focus on specific needs and support for the LGBT+ community.

“Employees are our greatest asset, and we strive to attract talent from the broadest pool to foster innovation, creativity and productivity,” Lipp-Hendricks said. “Creating a diverse and inclusive environment is critical to our success, and we are committed to hiring and retaining employees from different backgrounds, experiences and locations.”

In addition to having diverse employees, the firm has been fully committed to supplier diversity for over 24 years, establishing positive relationships with other companies and organizations that are equally dedicated. They have created a Supplier Diversity Network allowing certified minority-, woman-, veteran-, service-disabled, veteran-, disability- and LGBT-owned businesses to register with the firm. This network is the preferred resource used to select diverse suppliers to compete for contracting opportunities.

“Our diverse workforce helps our customers and business partners achieve their business goals,” Lipp-Hendricks said. “By recruiting the highest quality people who reflect the customers and communities that we serve, we increase our ability to deliver the best possible solutions.”

JPMorgan Chase strives to make diversity and inclusion a part of their everyday operations. It is not a responsibility left to senior management; rather to be successful, it needs to be a core belief shared by all employees. Employees are encouraged to be inclusive as they interact with colleagues, customers and clients throughout their workday,

“Having an inclusive and accessible environment for our diverse communities is something we collectively work on every day — it’s the way we operate,” Lipp-Hendricks said. “Inclusion is not the responsibility of talent and diversity leaders, nor is it the responsibility of human resources.”

She says inclusion is something employees can do each day by focusing on the small things. She urges employees to question themselves, “When you head down to take a lunch or coffee break, are you leaving anyone behind? When you are in a meeting, does everyone get to speak and fully share ideas?” By focusing on the small things, inclusion becomes common nature.

“Anyone should feel empowered to speak up at a meeting and have their voice heard,” Lipp-Hendricks said. “And while more of the burden is on the manager — to set the example, drive the culture and hold their team accountable — we do want employees to be aware of, and address, their own micro-inequities.”

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