Inclusion Still Matters

Nov 10, 2016
Today the Business Equality Network and the stand in solidarity with the allies of the under-represented, under-served and dis-enfranchised that include racial, religious and ethnic minorities, women, dis-abled and LGBTQ+ communities committed to equality for ALL.  To that end, we call on our corporate and business leaders to increase their visible, vocal and financial commitment to equality in the workforce, workplace, marketplace and supply chain of their respective organizations.  BEQ still believes that inclusion of our many voices is key to YOUR economic strength. Now, more than ever, we appeal to you to lead through your actions to ensure:

  • fair and equal employment opportunities;
  • safe, harassment-free and inclusive work environments;
  • transparent, equitable and exploitation-free markets within our communities and around the world;
  • an increased support of inclusive sourcing opportunities that are the lifeblood of our communities; and
  • continued philanthropic support of our community and advocacy based non-profit organizations

Today BEQ asks that you stand with and for all of US.


Business Equality Network

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