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                Syndicate for

                Human Equity

                  By JULIE A. PALM

                       lana Broad would like to imagine a time when The SHE
                       Mark, a certification firm they co-founded with Sterling
                 I Champion, won’t need to exist.

                   “I’d like to see a future where   certification  marks,”  Broad  says,
                gender equity in the economy is   comparing the firm to Cruelty Free
                so  common  that  The  SHE  Mark   International and B Lab (which cer-
                becomes obsolete,” says Broad,   tifies  B  Corps.)  “We’re  working  to
                co-founder and general counsel for   highlight businesses that include
                the  2-year-old  Los Angeles-based   women  and  gender-diverse  people
                company.                     in decision-making roles so that
                   But that time isn’t now. So,   consumers and potential talent can
                Broad and Champion are giving   find companies that align with their
                people a way to recognize and sup-  values.”
                port companies that demonstrate   When women-led businesses
                gender equity among their ranks.  aren’t recognized  and supported,
                   The  SHE  Mark  is  “the  most   they hire fewer people and make
                inclusive set of gender-focused   less money, Broad says, adding that

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