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The SHE Mark
             co-founders, Ilana
             Broad and Sterling
             Champion .           global economic gender equality would add nearly   easy  way  to  compare
                                  $30 trillion to global GDP.  “So, our failure to pro-  products. But it is also
                                  mote women (and pay them equally), as well as   available to B2B enter-
                                  prioritize businesses that hire and promote with   prises.
                                                 gender equity, has likely hurt   The  SHE  Mark  has  cer-
                                                 our  families  and  local  com-  tified  about  50  applicants,
                                                 munities,” they say.       most of those in the past few
                                                   The idea for The SHE Mark   months as the firm has begun to
                                                 came to co-founder Cham-   hit a stride after being launched
                                                 pion when she wanted to buy   in spring 2020, just as the pandemic
                                                 only  food  and  drinks  from   threw the country into upheaval.
                                                 women-owned   businesses     Companies large and small in any field
                                                 for an International Women’s   or sector can apply for The SHE Mark, which
                                                 Day  event.  Hours  of  walking   comes in three versions: SHEruns, SHEmakes and
                                                 store aisles and Googling cor-  SHEowns.  Knowing  that  many  women-led  busi-
                                                 porate structures convinced   nesses are small, Broad and Champion designed
                                                 Champion of  the  need  for   the  certification  process  to  be  straightforward
                                                 a simple designating mark.   and quick. Filling out the application takes 20-40
                                                 She approached Broad with   minutes, and companies learn if they’ve earned
                                  questions about trademarking the concept. The   certification in a couple of weeks. Once certified,
                                  two had been friends for years and soon they were   businesses can use the mark for two years before
                                  business partners.                        needing recertification.
                                    As its origin story indicates, The SHE Mark is   While  there  are  other  certifications  available
                                  designed for B2C companies, giving shoppers an   for women-owned businesses, Broad says The

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