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EDITOR’S NOTE                                                                            BEQ PRIDE
           Reimagining Future Equity                                                                ADVISORY

             By KJ WARD
             To me, to “reimagine future                        geolocation, and the other (along
           equity” has less to do with our                      with clear and necessary digital
           understanding of the end game of                     features) offers a nostalgic nod to
           equity and more to do with taking                    an analog past.                     LYNN
           stock of our approach to equity.                       NASA’s LGBTQ Partnerships         C . REYES
           Reimagining starts with a look at                    takes us into the “final frontier”   Business Value Artisan
                                                                                                    IBM Corporation
           how much the traditional strategies                  with the message that when it
           have moved the needle toward                         comes to equitable access and
           equitable access and equitable                       opportunity, not even the sky is
           opportunity and then considers the                   the limit. This article is a lesson
           ways we might scale existing strate-                 in both the power of diversity
           gies or implement newer ones.                        to innovate and the necessity of
             Sometimes it’s a matter of lever-                  creativity in accessing diversity as
           aging a technology that simply didn’t exist in   our definition of it expands.            ROBIN
           the last go-round. At other times it’s a matter of   In Social Enterprise we are inspired to   Supplier Diversity
           exploring places we never thought to look before.   reimagine the historical chasm between commer-  Manager
           No matter the answer, the question is about   cial enterprises on one side and social-services   American Airline
           which levers we can pull to get to LGBTQ equity.   organizations on the other. Closing the gap can
           Just as important is getting to equity equitably   help nonprofit organizations more fully build out
           – understanding the immense intersectionality   their service portfolios, diversify their revenue,
           of the LGBTQ community and the disparities   and connect to their communities in new ways.
           within the community. In this issue of BEQ Pride   Finally, we get a reminder that while innova-
           Magazine, our articles dive into several new ways   tions and inspirations from nonprofits, entrepre-
           of “reimagining” approaches to equity.    neurs, and government agencies are invaluable
             In Everywhere is Queer and SHE Mark     instruments of equity, legislating an equal play-  MICHAEL K .
           we’ll look at how technology is enabling a   ing field is still a necessary fight. Having the law
                                                                                                     Program Director,
           digital reimagining of equity with visibility and   on your side is a key enabler. The call to action in   Supplier Diversity
           transparency at its core. For me, the initiatives   Equality Act and Active Accomplices describes the   IBM Corporation
           driving these articles speak to two things. First,   importance of a bill before Congress right now
           they describe what is possible when consumers   and rallies all who would seek justice to do their
           have simple yet powerful information at their   part to ensure its passage.
           fingertips – sometimes this information affords   We hope your Pride celebrations were festive
           consumers an opportunity to be more intentional   and motivating, and we hope you enjoy this issue
           about how they spend their money; sometimes   of BEQ Pride Magazine!
           it quite literally allows them to make choices                                            JOY
           that will keep them safe. Second, these articles                                          Corporate Vice
           speak to the power of historically-marginalized                                           President, Supplier
           businesses finally finding platforms to amplify                                           Diversity/Procurement
                                                                                                     New York Life
           the greatness of the products they offer or the
           services they deliver. One harnesses the power of

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