Molly Lenore Joins the SAGE Board of Directors*

By Kassaundra Shanette Lockhart

Photo by: Justine Cooper Photography


When Molly Lenore was growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, a career merging technology and art was never in the equation.

“I didn’t understand that was even a possibility,” said Lenore.

A trip to New York City to visit a friend changed her trajectory. At the time, she was working in mortgage banking and her friend was taking classes at New York University in their interactive telecommunication program. Seeing the amazing possibilities utilizing art, technology and design, Lenore couldn’t stop thinking about what she saw.

“I went back to Irvine and kind of fantasized about being a technologist and artist,” she said. “Six months later, I decided to quit [my job]. I went back to school to get my Master’s in 3D animation and technology.”

Soon, NYC came calling again. After pondering it over a few months, Lenore accepted a job as the Senior Technology Artist with the American Museum of Natural History. She also believed it was an optimal time to begin her gender transition.

While working at the museum, she met Joey Stein who would eventually become her business partner. In 2003, they launched MOEY – a company dedicated to creating solid, interactive design “with the exacting eye of an artist and the rebellious spirit of a technologist.”

“We initially started our business to really help people see the world in a different way,” said Lenore… to continue reading about Molly (and Moey, Inc), her work at SAGE and to receive more articles about inspiring, self-empowered, LGBTQ+ business owners and change-makers Click Here