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Apr-Jun 2020 (Spring)Business Inclusion Construction Zone

  • Corporate Eminence Award Application Period Open
Feb 7, 2020Mar 15, 2020
Jul-Sept 2020 (Summer)Building Global Communities

  • Summer Pride and Conference Edition
May 18, 2020Jun 15,  2020
Oct-Dec 2020 (Fall)Anniversary Issue/Where Are They Now?

  • Fall Conference and 40 Under 40 Nomination Period Open
Aug 14, 2020Sept 15,        2020
Jan-Mar 2021 (Winter)Mission Ready: Inclusion 2045

  • 40 LGBTQ+/SGL Leaders Under 40 Announced January 1, 2021
Nov 23, 2020Jan 1,      2021

*Available for All Summer Conferences


Editorial Activations

Print  Layout – Simple Feature Sample

Print Layout – Sidebar Sample


Adding video to enhance the reader’s experience

Adding QR codes that link to video




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