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March 2018 (Spring)Fifty Years of Supplier Diversity and Counting. Big Business Then and Now

Industry Focus: Sports, Media & Entertainment, Energy, Utilities & Information Technology.

Feb 9, 2018Feb 16,      2018
June 2018 (Summer)
Pride Edition
Pride and Beyond: Equality vs Equity.

Industry Focus: Automotive, Agriculture,
Government, Health/Beauty, Healthcare/Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Transportation & Telecommunications.

May 11, 2018May 18, 2018
September 2018 (Fall)
Conference Edition*
How do you move the needle? Engage. Empower. Accelerate.

Industry Focus: Public Relations/Communications, Banking & Financial Svcs, Insurance, Food Services, Hospitality & Travel.

Jul 6, 2018Jul 13,        2018
December 2018 (Winter)Champions of Business Equality and Inclusion.

Industry Focus: Aerospace & Defense, Audit/Accounting, Consumer Electronics, Manufacturing, Legal, Professional Services & Property Management.

Nov 9, 2018Nov 16,      2018

*Available in time for the NGLCC Int’l Business & Leadership Conference


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