SuperBlaQueero: Unapologetically Black, Queer and Open for Business*

By BEQ Staff

Disruptive is the perfect description for Dr. Tiffany Jana, a non-binary, certified B Corp founder, TEDx & Top 100 speaker, diversity innovator, crisis coach, pleasure activist, regenerative culture creator, award-winning author who is also affectionately known as the blue-haired maverick. Dr. Jana joins me to discuss their newest book, Subtle Acts of Exclusion, (spoiler, it’s a bit of a rebrand for the word microaggression) and their insights on authenticity as a business owner.

During the height of the pandemic and towards the beginning of the social unrest as a response to the murder of George Floyd, Dr. Tiffany Jana begins our conversation with a simple reminder — we are all so much more alike than we are different — words that are true to their vocation as a Diversity Equity and Inclusion expert. Finding points of connection seems to be part of their recipe for success in life.

Over a Zoom video conference recorded with our publisher, Robin Dillard, and shared in six discussion segments, a theme arises that boils down to a discussion about the merits of authenticity in business. Dr. Jana’s courage and enthusiasm are infectious and the clarity of their truth is penetrating to anyone who will listen. As a recent member of the Board of StartOut, Dr. Jana has taken their business mission of being a force for good and their fiery personal brand that in and of itself is a radical act of defiance against a world built on otherizing to an entirely new level — unapologetically SuperBlaQueero (Black and Queer) and unafraid. To continue reading about Dr. Jana, to watch our interview and to receive more articles about inspiring, self-empowered, LGBTQ+ business owners and change-makers Click Here