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Dr. Elizabeth Bishop

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Ethical Futurist

Elizabeth Bishop

(She, Her) is 36

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop is an intersectional queer educator, citizen, youth advocate, writer and researcher. Her life and career are dedicated to promoting ethical leadership and recognizing the power of intersubjective solidarity across various marginalized groups.

Since the mid-1990s in Connecticut, Bishop has been a steadfast advocate for LGBTQ+ communities and queer inclusivity. She brings her queer critique into the wide range of political, non-profit, educational and other community advocacy spaces that she is in to ensure that LGBTQ+ people and gender non-conforming individuals are recognized in the perennial struggle for safety, dignity and wellness. Being a queer role model is incredibly significant to Bishop and she believes it has lasting impact on the students, educators and wider community members she interacts with on a daily basis.

Bishop is one of the hardest working queer folks you will meet, hustling tirelessly to ensure inclusive spaces are created and sustained and that injustice and inequity in the forms of homophobia, transphobia and concurrent racism and sexist practices are called out and addressed in any space that she is in.

Recently, Bishop was featured on Good Morning America for a story on young voters.

Bishop’s most recent book, “Embodying Theory: Epistemology, Aesthetics and Resistance” from Peter Lang Press, was released December 2018. She uses queer theory to discuss ways to learn, understand, create and respond to the contemporary socio-political landscape in ways that promote ethical leadership and non-violent, justice-oriented action. She has three more books on the horizon which will focus on counter-narratives of political empowerment for historically marginalized groups.

Through her work at Global Kids and CUNY, Bishop is committed to ensuring that youth are at the forefront of driving any equitable change initiatives. As a result, her ask of the philanthropic and corporate community is to, “Invest time, money and resources into supporting youth leaders as they pursue sustainable, intersectional civics and ethical activism.”

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