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Jesus Gomez

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Jesus Gomez
Class of 2021 BEQ Pride LGBTQ Leader Under 40
(He, Him) is 39

The year 2020 feels like a worldwide wake-up call in so many ways. As a leader, I realize the most important thing I have learned and will take forward is…

Appreciate everything and take the time to engage in conversation with a stranger, appreciate the acquaintance who can become a close friend and be open to the possibilities.

Jesus Gomez is an inspired problem solver leading his teams to great success. With 19 years of industry experience, he is a hard-working and dynamic Post-Closing leader. Currently, he is the senior vice president of Post-Closing at First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation.  He manages Loan Administration, Loan Delivery and Government Insuring. Gomez’s get it done attitude and his inclusive approach to leadership have created meaningful change at each organization and every role he’s had during his career.

Gomez is a mortgage industry thought leader and an inspiration to many. He values transparency, fairness and accountability —all useful for engaging and empowering remote teams. Gomez established this ethos early in his career as he was responsible for remote and work from home teams. The onset of the novel coronavirus and the economic shutdown required him to put his ethos into action. 

Gomez is deeply passionate about making the post-closing process more efficient, compliant and a part of a firm’s overall profitability strategy. By implementing process improvements, training and leveraging technology, he has been able to decrease Post-Closings’ cost-per-loan by over 250% in just two years at FGMC. Additionally in March 2020, his team achieved FGMC’s best track record of timely delivery pool certifications to Ginnie Mae with 0% delinquency. 

Gomez admits it has been very difficult for him to praise or make positive statements about himself in terms of recognition. He attributes his reluctance to share about his good work and good deeds to a past full of being told he would not amount to anything as an openly gay man. Growing up in a traditional Mexican Catholic household and being the first in his family to come out meant there was no role model or anyone setting an example for living an affirming, authentic life as a gay man. 

Forced to figure out life as a gay man for himself, Gomez recalls being advised against expressing himself through his style of clothing because a bright dress shirt, necklaces or colorful socks were deemed unprofessional — code for too flamboyant! He remained true to himself no matter how many times he was advised to keep his personal life, especially his sexuality or relationship status private in order to move up — he simply refused to be closeted.

Gomez believed if a company was willing to overlook him or hold him back because he was gay, he needed to find a new employer. He quickly learned his chance at having an equal, compassionate and accepting work environment was correlated with being open, accepting and proud of himself. 

Pride and acceptance start from within, according to Gomez, once there is insight then there can be change in communities and workspaces. He encourages his staff to live proud, share their accomplishments, and work to bring out the best in each other.

Today, Gomez stands proud as an openly gay man in a senior leadership role being recognized for being his authentic self.  He is forever grateful to all those who paved the road by speaking up, fighting against oppression so that young boys from traditional Mexican Catholic households can live authentic lives themselves. Gomez takes the late Harvey Milk’s words to heart, “all young people regardless of sexual orientation or identity deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.”  

Outside of work and during his free time, Gomez is a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. He supports Project Angel Food, Covenant House and is a part of Team Clover for LifeWalk which supports Prism Health to advance the health of North Texans through education, research, prevention and personalized integrated HIV care.

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