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Miranda Ragland

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Extraordinary Leader, Founder and Speaker

Miranda Ragland Class of 2020 BEQ Pride LGBTQ+ Leaders Under 40

(She, Her) is 39

By 2030, the TGNC community will no longer be marginalized because we will build a network of visible entrepreneurs and executives to empower and enrich our inclusion in business, political, and social structures.

Miranda Ragland is an entrepreneur, business owner and senior-level software architect with experience in a variety of areas. She specializes in advanced development using Apex, Lightning Components, and VisualForce. She also has a strong background in enterprise java along with database design and optimization.

Miranda is the founder of M7 Unlimited, developing apps and utilities that extend the native Salesforce functionality to serve as building blocks for admins and consultants without the need for a dedicated developer for maintenance. M7Unlimited also provides custom development consulting services. 

Miranda is also a co-founder and executive leader at ITequality with her partner, Ashley Allen (Class of 2020 Leader Under 40). ITequality is a CA-based LGBTBE® company focused on moving the diversity needle in the technology industry. They focus on hiring and bringing visibility underrepresented voices in tech, with a special focus on the LGBTQ+ community. She also provides mentorship to help with personal and professional growth. 

Miranda is an incredible leader sharing her experiences as a business founder and trans person with the Salesforce community. She has been a pillar to many in the community surrounding issues related to anxiety and acceptance.  

As a speaker at major technology events, Miranda will often take the opportunity, when appropriate, to openly identify herself as a transgender lesbian. As a result of her candor and comfort in sharing who she is, she often receives feedback from audience members that her openness and visibility has helped make others feel less isolated. 

Miranda has also worked to co-create a business networking group specifically for LGBTQ+ individuals that facilitates virtual and in-person meetings to connect similar individuals together to share their experiences and effect change in their industry. Miranda often speaks at local schools about LGBTQ+ rights, issues, and experiences, and alongside her amazing partner, they routinely talk to their 3 children about LGBTQ+ issues.

Miranda’s personal goal is to continue to expand her knowledge, enjoy producing high-quality solutions, and demonstrate that software development can be as creative as the recognized arts, all while giving back to the community that has been so kind to her over the years.

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