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Meet Sarah Jester

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Class of 2023 BEQ Pride LGBTQ Leader Under 40

Pronouns: They, Them

Age: 23


Who or what inspires your leadership purpose? And why?

The next generation of transgender and gender non-conforming folks is why I do what I do. When I was younger, I had almost zero exposure to queer and transgender stories despite being raised in a progressive environment. I want to give young transgender and gender non-conforming folks a visual toolkit to understand themselves through LGBTQ-inclusive storytelling better. Without storytellers like myself, we have no way of ensuring that our stories are told or remembered. The current generation of storytellers determines what kind of legacy we leave behind – and more importantly, what kind of support we can offer to queer kids going forward. ~ Sarah Jester

Sarah Jester curates, cultivates and amplifies the voice of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), the largest advocacy organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBTQ people and the exclusive certifying body for LGBTQ-owned businesses. Sarah inspires the masses with their passion for sharing authentic stories from the LGBTQ business community with more complete and inclusive narratives through emerging storytelling techniques.

“Any business professional knows that success is contingent upon both visibility and community. At my core, I am a passionate storyteller when it comes to the LGBTQ+ business community, and nothing brings me greater joy than bringing the stories of my peers to light through innovative approaches to graphic design, editorials, video production, and other forms of new media,” says Sarah. The storyteller is at the foundation of a strong campaign and it is essential that the storyteller understands the target audience. As an openly nonbinary individual, Sarah understands what it feels like to experience hatred, backlash, and discrimination for showing up authentically and takes special care to celebrate the individuals that trust them to share their truth. Sarah has only found compassion and understanding in the LGBTQ+ business community. Telling their stories through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s sizeable platform is Sarah’s way of giving back to the community. Sarah feels a great sense of pride whenever LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs are catapulted into the national spotlight due to an NGLCC feature. Over the next decade, they hope to see more national support for LGBTQ+ & transgender/gender-expansive (TGX) youth. 

As a member of the TGX community and a leader Sarah is driven by the opportunity to increase the overall visibility of the LGBTQ+ business community through their work at the NGLCC.

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