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Never let your fear get in the way of pursuing your dreams, passion and whatever drives you. Fear is a good thing, it keeps you focused. Integrity is freedom, once broken it’s gone forever. Always wear your heart on your sleeve. Be YOU!

(Editor’s Note: The following narrative is in Robyn’s own words.)

I never meant to own my own business. But my natural curiosity of always wanting to figure things out and my passion for people, got me where I am today. That includes creating a work environment where people can realize their potential, and be “WHO they are” at work, at home and in life. Now in our 23rd year, The Mixx brand has become a household name whenever people think of marketing to diverse audiences; whether it’s LGBTQ, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Free, etc. they think of us! Now, it’s about giving back and leaving a legacy for future generations.

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