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Everything is Energy and if you direct Energy in the correct way you will help everyone.

“Todd is the President & CEO of Rivendell Media- the leading expert on gay and lesbian and HIV/AIDS media in the United States. He regularly shares his deep knowledge and insights in this space on panels, in write-ups, and of course, with his agency partners. His commitment to driving engagement with the LGBT consumer segment over the past 25 years, long before it was ‘cool’ to do so, speaks to his drive and tenacity. Todd is an advocate and leader in this space and I am very proud to call him a colleague.” ~Colleague and Friend

(Editor’s Note: The following narrative is in Todd’s own words.)

Most LGBT media depends on Rivendell Media for their national ad sales and so it is quite a responsibility. I have always told my staff that if we do a good job, then we make more money and most of that money funds LGBT media which helps provide the platform to gain equal rights for LGBT people and that in turn helps gain equal rights for everyone. We want to make everything a win-win and keep creating positive ripples that truly go around the world. Outside of work, I think it is crucial that we ALL become environmentalists. It is time everyone does their part to make sure we minimize our impact on the Earth. Everyone can do something to make a difference every day.

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