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A Dozen Podcasts to Add to Your LGBTQ+ Centric Playlist

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By Jessie Wagoner

More than a decade after its inception, the podcast has gone mainstream. According to data collected by Podcast Insights, more than half of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month. All those ears need something to listen to, and content creators are up to the task: as of June 2019, there are approximately 750,000 podcasts with more than 30 million cumulative episodes available for our entertainment and education.

Ranging from news and current events to pop culture and entertainment to health and wellness, podcasts exist for every topic under the sun, including many produced by and for the LGBTQ community. It’s challenging to sift through hundreds of thousands of podcasts to find quality content, so we’ve curated a list of some of the best LGBTQ-centric podcasts to add to your playlist. Grab your earbuds and tune in using your favorite podcast app.

Business and Money

Queer Money 
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David Auten and John Schneider (aka The Debt Free Guys) are personal finance authors, bloggers and speakers for with over thirty-five years of combined experience in finance. Their show and podcast, Queer Money™, is the only show talking about the financial nuances of the LTBTQ community. Their mission is to build a financially strong queer community via the #1 gay podcast focused on the financial needs of the LGBTQ community.

The Focus Group
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Revolutionary LGBT marketing and advertising executives and friends for more than 30 years, Tim Bennett and John Nash co-host The Focus Group. Drawing on their combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience, the conversation ranges from the professional to the personal, and everything in between. The marketing and advertising duo turned radio personalities are best known for creating Subaru of America’s award-winning 15-year advertising effort to the LGBT consumer, forever changing the way corporate leaders viewed the LGBT market, and ultimately, gay Americans.  The Focus Group is a weekly live-to-tape program dedicated to business, career, the consumer culture and marketing from an LGBT point of view through segments such as Shop Talk, What Caught My Eye, and long-form guest interviews.

The Out Entrepreneur

In The Out Entrepreneur, Rhodes Perry connects with today’s most authentic LGBTQ entrepreneurs through interviews with some of the 1.4 million LGBTQ entrepreneurs crushing it in business, all while bringing their whole selves to work. Each episode explores the journey of a successful out entrepreneur who reflects on the ups and downs of building their business, all in an effort to inspire you to take action and unapologetically be your authentic self 100% of the time.


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LGBTQ&A documents modern queer and trans history. This weekly interview podcast from The Advocate goes beyond transition and coming out stories in order to get to know each person’s defining moments, their accomplishments and how they got to where they are today.

Making Gay History

Making Gay History has been bringing the voices of LGBTQ history to life for five seasons. They do so through intimate conversations with LGBTQ champions, heroes and witnesses to history. With more than 50 episodes already produced, there is a wealth of history just waiting for you to dive in.

Working Class History

Producers of Working Class History believe history is not made by the actions of a few rich and powerful individuals. Rather, history is made by the combined everyday actions of hundreds of millions of people; women, men, youth, people of color, migrants, indigenous people, LGBT people, disabled people, workers, older people, the unemployed, housewives – the working class. Working Class History has multiple episodes highlighting LGBTQ history. From the Stonewall Uprising to a small group of LGBTQ individuals determined to help miners, history has been made.

Politics and Social Justice

The Umbrella Podcast

The Umbrella Podcast is a panel-style podcast where diverse members of the LGBTQ community gather to talk about a wide range of intersectional, complex issues facing the LGBTQ community, internally and externally. They cover important topics like the power of language, mental illness and identity.

Pod Save the People
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Organizer and activist DeRay Mckesson is a civil rights activist focused primarily on issues of innovation, equity and justice. The podcast is not LGBTQ-centric but the host happens to be LGBTQ, brilliant and a courageous leader. Mckesson explores news, culture, social justice and politics through deep conversations with influencers and experts. He also covers the weekly news with fellow activists Brittany Packnett and Sam Sinyangwe and writer Clint Smith. Culture-shaping celebrities, activists and politicians sit down with Mckesson to have conversations about social change and justice. Recent episodes have featured Trevor Noah, Glenda Jackson and Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.


Come Thru Queen
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Come Thru Queen is fun, sassy and focused on reality — reality shows that is. Hosts Dan and Brendan bring you weekly reality show recaps including Real Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Potomac and Orange County, RuPaul’s Drag Race, assorted Bravo offerings such as Vanderpump Rules and Summer House, daytime talk shows, pop culture news, award show rundowns and more.

Gayest of All Time

Hosted by Jonny McGovern, Gayest of All Time is a fiercely funny podcast. McGovern and his “hilarious homo homies” rant about everything from celebrity gossip to sex talk and music. You are bound to laugh and you may even learn a new naughty word or two.

Health and Wellness

Shame On You

All their lives Jordan and Brad, best friends, were taught to feel shame about being gay. Then at 32 years old, after a few too many drinks, they had a new thought. Imagine if they were invincible to shame, not just about being gay, but in general. Join them as they spark a revolt against society’s norms. Guests include ex-boyfriends, gay men and others plagued by messages of shame. Welcome to their unapologetic journey to banish shame. At times emotional, regularly funny and always brutally honest this is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

Here for It

Here for it provides colorful commentary on LGBTQ health and wellness topics. While not appropriate for workplace listening, you are bound to learn something new. Pop in your earbuds and tune in to expand your health and wellness knowledge. sdfsdf

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