Eminence Award Application 2018

Accepting Applications for the BEQ Pride 2018 LGBTQ Corporate Eminence Award

The Business Equality Network and the BEQ Pride editorial team are committed to the development and success of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer business community. We place special emphasis on and acknowledge support for organizations and major employers that have made diverse and inclusive workplace, multicultural engagement and supply chain diversity not just a matter of policy, but a matter of practice.

Once a year, we honor organizations that are fostering economic stability in the LGBTQ community through the fair treatment and inclusion of LGBTQ employees, suppliers, consumers and partners in business. These organizations are recognized for their demonstrated practice of Business Equality Excellence.

The 2nd Annual List with 156 major corporations, employers and sports organizations have demonstrated their comprehensive commitment to LGBTQ equality. Simply put, our awardees routinely deliver an unmistakable message that the country and each state where they are headquartered cannot ignore — diversity and inclusion matter. Their increased visible, vocal and financial commitment to equality in the workforce, workplace, marketplace and supply chain of their respective organizations contributes to the economic climate locally, nationally and around the world. Full details of the award can also be found in our December 2017, Volume 2, Issue 4 of BEQ Pride magazine.

The overwhelming majority of our awardees are among the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality as recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s recently released 2018 Corporate Equality Index. Each organization has active LGBT employee resource groups or resources set aside for employees to form an employee or business resource group. All have demonstrated a vigorous dedication to bringing LGBT-owned businesses into their supply chains and are active with LGBTQ business organizations including corporate partnership with NGLCC: National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

To that end, the BEQ Pride editorial board is an active participant in the business equality movement and wishes to honor one of our Business Equality Excellence Awardees with further distinction for rising above in distinguished leadership, creativity, and commitment to growing their engagement with the LGBTQ business community. One applicant will be recognized with the BEQ Pride 2018 LGBTQ Corporate Eminence Award.

The Eminence Award

Our definition of Eminence is a conferred high status or importance due to marked superiority in LGBTQ business equality. The BEQ Pride 2018 LGBTQ Corporate Eminence award is a designation of distinction for one of our 156 LGBTQ Business Equality Excellence Awardees in their outstanding efforts to include the LGBTQ business community.

Ideal candidates are actively engaged with both certified LGBTQ business enterprises and in growing their outreach to the overall LGBTQ business community. Candidates consistently demonstrate leadership, creativity and commitment to LGBTQ business development and diversity and inclusion through LGBTQ procurement, technical, operational, and managerial assistance, and/or sponsorship of or to related programs.


All 2018 BEQ Excellence Awardees are eligible and encouraged to apply for further recognition through the BEQ 2018 LGBTQ Corporate Eminence Award.

How to Apply

Download the application questionnaire (PDF) by clicking here.

Application Deadline

The BEQ Pride Editorial Board must receive your electronic application by 8:00 p.m. EST on May 15, 2018, at Awards@BusinessEqualityNetwork.com

Submission Process

Applications and any supporting documentation must be completed and submitted electronically to Awards@BusinessEqualityNetwork.com on or before 8 p.m. EST on May 15, 2018. All submission information and any financial data is kept confidential.