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Meet Darwin Del Fabro of They/Them

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Darwin Del Fabro is a Brazilian-born heartthrob, actor, singer and wonderful guest.

Our publisher, Robin Dillard, spoke with Del Fabro about his latest project, now streaming on Peacock. The new film They/Them (read ‘they slash them’), written and directed by John Logan, is an LGBTQIA+ empowerment tale set at a gay conversion camp.

Check out this excerpt from our recent conversation where Darwin explains “your uniqueness is your strength” when asked about takeaways from the film.

The They/Them cast includes #KevinBacon (Owen Whistler, camp director), #AnnaChlumsky (Molly, new employee and camp medic), #CarriePreston (Owen’s wife Cora and the camp’s scary licensed therapist in charge of therapy sessions), #DarwinDelFabro (Gabriel).

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Check out the full interview
Darwin’s new album is available on @applemusic and @spotify

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