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Stories of COVID™ Interview Archive Project

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Anthropologist and author of Stories of Elders Veronica Kirin launches project to interview and document the human experience of COVID-19 for future generations.

Veronica Kirin is a world-renowned speaker, author, and award-winning entrepreneur. In 2015 she traveled 12,000 miles across America alone to interview The Greatest Generation about the largest technological shift of their lives. The resulting book, Stories of Elders, documents tech’s evolution over the 20th century and its effect on us all. Now, as technology shifts to aid us during a global pandemic, Veronica is once again interviewing people to document their experiences and answer the questions we are all asking: How will this pandemic change the world?

The Stories of COVID™ Interview Archive Project will center around layoffs, testing, access (or lack thereof) to ill family members, shifts toward remote work, government actions, social isolation, the use of technology, and more. Over 65 people signed up in the first two weeks, representing over fifteen different countries (and growing!). Interviews are recorded and produced into concise podcast episodes that focus on each individual’s story and perspective on COVID-19. This format gives the listener a real-time, relatable, and unifying experience during
these isolating times.

In an effort to support the frontline healthcare workers that fight every day to keep COVID-19 under control, Veronica has designed a line of apparel with messages of hope. 50% of the profits are donated to the World Health Organization (WHO) Solidarity Fund which funds healthcare workers on the front lines, support continued and critical COVID-19 research, and the distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

We invite readers to contribute to the project by scheduling an interview with Veronica or by purchasing Stories of COVID™ apparel.

Veronica Kirin is a serial entrepreneur, author, and TEDx speaker. She was named by Forbes as one of five notable graduates of Grand Valley State University, has been recognized as a founder of a Top Women Owned Business, a 40 Under 40 Business Leader, recipient of the Corp! Diversity Business Leadership Award, a 40 LGBTQ Leader Under 40 by Business Equality Magazine, and her consulting with LGBTQ entrepreneurs is certified by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

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