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Where are they now?

In 2016, we introduced you to the Loud-Hailer team as they set out to Revolutionize Digital Communication with their proprietary technology platform and corresponding iOS and Android App called BUKI. BEQ Pride is happy to report Loud-Hailer has received its first U.S. Patent (U.S. Patent No. 10,448,219) as they improve the way their customers connect and communicate around the world. Here’s what we found out.


Merge digital and real-life experiences into one

Customers use BUKI to locate visitors throughout their facility with real-time 3D positioning, capturing data and providing hyperlocal information and services on anything from nearby food discounts to quickest bathroom lines, generating a next-level customer experience that evolves with visitors’ habits and needs.

Loud-Hailer’s BUKI platform creates local networks to anonymously and automatically connect smart devices securely, encrypted using Bluetooth Low Energy, at up to 250 feet apart creating real-time self-healing mesh networks. This is the foundation for the future of local internet platforms and networks.

One of the BUKI platform’s key differentiators is the BUKI Box repeater, which creates vertical awareness, so users on different levels (indoor, outdoor and underground) can receive information and services relevant to which level they are on. To accommodate large spaces, customers simply add more BUKI Boxes to create additional engagement points and ensure performance. This is all accomplished without relying on the visitors having WiFi or cellular services. Read more about the tech at


What they do best

The Loud-Hailer team’s key strengths include speed and cost. They can get a BUKI network installed at a facility within days and at a fraction of the cost of a customer developing their own solution. The BUKI platform’s modular approach with its BUKI Box repeaters means customers can grow the platform as they see fit while minimizing any increased demands on existing infrastructure, including additional Wi-Fi costs. This helps customers reduce overall risk as they can launch and engage faster for less money than a traditional approach. Customers start seeing results immediately.


Loud-Hailer also provides value-added services like content curation, data reporting and coordination with user acquisition and retention efforts. Loud-Hailer believes their BUKI platform helps customers achieve a virtuous cycle: capture richer data to offer better services, which leads to visitor satisfaction and increased revenue.


What are their customers doing with BUKI?

  • Collecting and Analyzing Data
  • Capture user movement data across all facilities
  • Identify foot travel patterns and dwell time
  • Determine popular locations and locate bottlenecks
  • Evaluate trends to predict behavior
  • Improving Experience
  • Offer personalized engagements and rewards
  • Enable secure digital payments
  • Minimize barriers and improve traffic flow through demand management
  • Implement strategies based on predicted visitor behaviors
  • Growing Revenue
  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Drive traffic toward revenue-generating locations
  • Enable cross-marketing opportunities with facility vendors
  • Target users based on historical data



How can you unlock the value of supplier innovation?

With the fourth Industrial Revolution well underway, procurement specialists and supplier diversity professionals must look for opportunities to drive innovation as an attractive feature and strategy of the organization. It is a common misconception that procurement in business is all about saving money. In fact, having a growth-mindset in procurement is an opportunity to uncover new routes to market, new routes to talent and to update your supplier ecosystem to pursue innovative and agile business models.

Engaging small businesses, with an eye toward the future and a real focus on growth and competitive advantage, is truly building for Inclusive Sourcing 2045.


Does your organization manage facilities or large events? And, if so is it important to you to:

  • understand better how your visitors or attendees spend their time on-site?
  • improve communications and engagement with them in real-time?
  • efficiently manage resources and staff? 
  • improve revenues and track conversions?

Does your brand or organization want to connect with people based on what they do and where they go in real life and in real-time, rather than basing engagement on an algorithm analyzing what they click on after the fact?

Start 2020 with a growth mindset and schedule an information session with Loud-Hailer to see the power of the data behind the BUKI platform. Contact today for more information.


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