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Video Interview: Loud-Hailer’s BUKI a practical solution for Contact Tracing

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The term “loud hailer” comes from the Australian equivalent of “megaphone,” a simple in-person communication tool that allows an individual to broadcast a message to a group in close proximity without having to know the credentials or contact details of everyone in hearing distance. The great news is that this company has entered into the broader discussion around Contact Tracing with their proprietary BluetoothLE (low energy), mesh network solution.

Listen in on our conversation and consider how this technology is a viable alternative to the solutions being developed by other, bigger tech firms using GPS-based information, credit card purchase history and other private information. Jack Chen and the Loud-Hailer, INC team have tech that has taken a different approach that offers an alternative to giving up so much of our privacy in the name of safety, security and health.




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